Busy end of the summer, not so much blog posting, but still busy! And, I am happy to announce that Bike IP will be attending Interbike in Las Vegas on September 16-18.

Oh, and did somebody say #crossiscoming? Looking forward to CrossVegas! UCI CX World Cup #1!


Interbike and CrossVegas? What more could the industry ask for?


BikeIP at TedXPennAve!

BikeIP is excited to be attending TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue!

Check out this impressive list of speakers and performers!!!

Shelby Coffey III
Mayor Mick Cornett
Maria Hinojosa
Lashon Amado
CaSh & Earle
Kim Bogucki
Eshauna Smith
Mayor Greg Fischer
U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (WI-1)
Dan Cardinali
Amy Finkelstein
Robert E. Rubin
Patrick McCarthy
Rachel Goslins
Tom Kalil
U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez (CA-46)
David Rubenstein
The Rock Creek Singers of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C.
Justin Trawick & the Common Good
Chris Fischer
U.S. Representative John Delaney (MD-6)
Rajiv Shah
Michael Gerson
Elizabeth Birch

Looking forward to hearing and discussing great ideas!

Stan’s NoTubes’ Rims

We had a great time meeting everybody at NAHBS 2015, and we learned so much. Even got to ride snow-covered trails at Cherokee Park and underground trails at the Louisville Mega Cavern.

But, now we’re back to the IP. On December 24, 2013, Stan’s NoTubes received US 8,613,485 drawn to their tubeless rims. The interesting part here looks to be in FIG. 2:

NoTubes Hump

Compared to the current design of the Iron Cross, from, the differences are clear:

iron cross

The central hump 514, as shown in FIG. 2, does not appear in any of the current offerings on The hump 514 increases the strength and stiffness of the rim and helps with tubeless setup, for example:

It can be further observed in FIG. 2 that the troughs 517 on opposite axial sides of the hump 514 effectively form two channels. When a tire is initially mounted on the rim, each of the tire beads will sit in a respective trough region 517. Not only do the hump and troughs serve to keep the tire beads separated and confined prior to and during inflation, the separate channels created by the troughs make it easier to trap air and thus easier to inflate the tire particularly in the case of manual pumping. The hump and troughs also keep the tire spread apart and allow for the valve stem (not shown) to inject the air directly into the center of the tire, easing the inflation process.

Note that the hump is only in dependent claims 5-8, i.e., the hump doesn’t make it into the independent claims.

Application: US 13/219,340
Application Status: Issued Dec. 24, 2013 as US 8,613,485
Assignee: K.G. Motors, Inc.
Related Patents/Applications: Continuation of US 12/420,595 (Issued as US 8,007,053), which is a Continuation of US 12/197,901 (Abandoned), which is a Continuation of US 11/965, 153 (Abandoned), which is a Continuation of US 10/959,743 (Issued as US 7,334,846).

Bike IP @ NAHBS 2015

We are excited to be presenting at the 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show! NAHBS is March 6-8, 2015, at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY.

Nathan Cristler will be presenting “Intellectual Property and the Handmade Bike” on Sunday, March 8, 2015, at 1pm.

After working so hard to distinguish yourself in the market, how do you protect what you’ve built? This presentation will provide an easy-to-understand discussion of intellectual property and its relationship with the bicycle industry and small business. Topics will include descriptions of (and the differences between) utility and design patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets as well as costs and benefits of each.