Razor’s Handlebar Grip Covers

I saw many riders with handlebar hand warmers over the past winter, and I often wished I had some. These handlebar grip covers may not be insulating, but I kind of find myself wanting to roll up to a race with these:

Scary 1

Talk about intimidation! From US 2015/0114167, filed on October 30, 2013, and published on April 30, 2015, Razor discloses handlebar grip covers with a fun design.

Often, it is desirable for a vehicle or scooter to have visual features that personalize the scooter. It is also desirable to have covers or other accessories on the handlebars to provide visual effect and/or protection to the user. It is also generally desirable that the covers or handlebar accessories do not interfere with the performance of the vehicle or a user’s ability to ride or steer the vehicle. … An aspect of the present invention involves the realization that it is desirable to provide a handlebar accessory that covers a user’s hand and also allows a user to easily ride or steer the vehicle. It is also desirable to have a hand cover to provide visual effect and a unique aesthetic without negatively affecting a user’s ability to ride and steer the vehicle.

Yes, these are actually intended for children’s scooters, and they’re already on the market:

Scary Fig 1Razor Scooter

Source: Shop.Razor.com

But, a lot of people dress up for the Ed Sander Memorial CX race here DC/MD/VA, and these would be perfect for a flat bar bike. Or, maybe the next trend in the bike polo or the fixie community?


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